I hired Jill to help declutter and organize my furnace room because it seemed like a daunting task that I didn’t have the ability to carve out time to do myself. To know she was coming over to head up the project and keep it moving was my biggest motivation. I was emotionally attached to many of my things and she coached and taught me how to use my intuition in what I kept and got rid of. I would have never stuck with it without her and now I feel lighter and more in control of my things. Jill made difficult work much more simple and I feel empowered to continue the organization methods by myself. N.S.

Jill is patient, kind, intuitive, and resourceful. She is a fantastic listener, and can meet you wherever you are. She provides you with the appropriate guidance and tools needed to create your best future! I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who feels stuck and needs help figuring out their next steps! Thank you, Jill! J.T.

After being told constantly how remarkable Jill is by countless mutual friends, I had to go see her. I can't say enough good things. Jill is thoughtful, intentional, unbiased, intelligent and RARE. I have been using her gifts and insights as a supplement to therapy during an extremely challenging season. Whether you're seeking personal, professional, or general guidance, she is your woman. Jill has the ability to draw out of you what you know is there, but don't know how to process yet. R.M.


Jill is an amazing human being. Not only is she kind, caring and compassionate, but she is hilarious! I HIGHLY recommend her life coaching services. I met Jill when I was in a pretty low point in my life (emotionally, career-wise, financially, physically) and she really helped me become the best version of myself. She has taught me things that no book could ever do and I continue to grow with her advice and words of wisdom. I honestly have never met such a wonderful person. I will be a client of Jill’s for life regardless of where life takes me. R.S.

Through coaching with Jill I learned new skills that allowed me to zero in on what results I really wanted and then she helped me get them! I can't recommend coaching enough! B.J.

Jill is an approachable, action oriented coach. She has helped me change the way I look at events in my life and provided the space to heal and create the outcomes I want. She has found the voice inside me that knows what I want and the confidence to use it. If you are looking for a judgement free coach that will help you breathe easier Jill is the one! Do yourself a favor and meet with her. You won’t regret it! S.W.

I was referred to Jill by a friend and while I wasn’t even sure what a life coach did, I decided to give coaching a go when I found myself in a career bind. I had heard such wonderful things about Jill and was desperately seeking an unbiased opinion. After each session, I felt more confident to follow my path despite external pressure to conform. Jill doesn’t necessarily answer my questions but rather follows up with the right questions to help me answer my own. There is true empowerment in that and it has made a tremendous difference not only how I perceive my aspirations but also how I follow them. J.B.

Jill helps you create space. She will make space in your office, in your storage room, in your cupboards, in your body, in your calendar, in your life! She holds the space so you can step it to it! MAGIC! When I moved from a much bigger home to my current house, a bedroom became the storage room and was full of “stuff.” It was chaotic. I would walk in, move a couple of things around, turn in circles and walk out defeated. Jill spent 4 hours with me and now my space feels incredible. With each item that I let go I felt lighter and more free. I could not have done it without her! G.V.