Simplify and Unsubscribe

I know people who literally have thousands of emails they’ve never opened on their server. I’ve witnessed the little red notification dots on phones signaling the number of ignored pieces of mail waiting to be paid attention to. I’ve heard many reasons and excuses why they can't or won’t clear these emails out. What is happening on a subconscious level though every time you see that little red number is some sort of thought such as, “ugh, I need to check those” or “there are tasks that I need to get to”. Of course, not every person notices or cares about these subconscious messages, but for those who have issues with anxiety or clutter this is something you absolutely have control over! Managing your Inbox creates space not just on your phone and computer, but also in your brain. After you respond to the important emails and immediately delete what is no use to you or unsubscribe from what doesn’t fit into your life anymore you are creating mindfulness in how you’re living. When you allow emails to pile up because you’re too overwhelmed to deal with them, you better believe that is also how you're handling things in other areas of your life such as relationships or your career. I invite you to reflect on this: Where else are you ignoring things or feeling too overwhelmed to give some much needed attention?

This particular email (or for some of you - post) may, in fact, be contributing to the clutter in your Inbox. My deep desire in life is to help you simplify by offering my service, knowledge and tools. Whether through a yoga class or a coaching session I want to help you feel better and decrease your stress caused by overwhelm, anxiety, crappy relationships and persistent negative feelings and emotions. With that in mind, if these emails are not helpful I give you full permission to unsubscribe and put your time into something else that mentally fills you with energy! This is a reminder to take charge of your life - Inbox or otherwise. If there's any way I can help you in this process please let me know!