Getting What You Want - Part 1

Happy November!

This month I’m taking you through thought exercises surrounding Goals and Commitments to help you gain clarity about what’s going on in your life. Stay tuned each week as I build on each concept and take it to the next level.

Today we are starting with Goals.

A Goal is an intention that has an end result.

Here are some examples:

"I want to start doing yoga."

"I want to try life coaching."

"I want to lose some excess weight."

"I want to feel better about my___________."  (Fill in the blank: self, life, relationship, work, etc.)

There are always things in your life that you either want to attain, start doing or stop doing. Think back to the New Year’s resolutions you made when the year was new and fresh. Ahhh there’s nothing like a new beginning! Some of those goals may not fit into your life anymore, but maybe you’re thinking of a few that you'd still include on your list for next year! Or maybe you crushed your NY resolutions and you’re further ahead than you were 309 days ago. Good job!

For the next week think about the goals you would like to achieve in your life or that are on your Bucket List. Write them down. Every single one, even if they seem impossible, but make you feel super excited. We will look at them again next week.

If you struggle coming up with goals it’s ok. Take a few minutes to sit, breathe and get calm. Think about the last time you were having a fun time. A time when you felt free and were laughing or just really feeling alive. Sit in those carefree feelings for a few minutes. Now try to write out your goals again. If you still have trouble repeat this visualization process until you come up with a couple goals you feel good about.