Taking Charge Of Your Sight - Visual And Otherwise...

In the past few years my eyesight has gradually gotten worse due to the wonderfully, unforgiving aging process. I used to only need glasses for night driving, but I pretty much need them for everything now. I’m not a fan of feeling frames on my face so for the most part I’ve resigned myself to walking around with everything visually slightly to moderately blurry. It’s not that I can’t see, it’s just that I miss things and have a low level of anxiety because I can’t see clearly. A month ago, I decided to give contact lenses a try and although it’s been a bit of a learning curve, I love being able to see clearly all the time with no contraption on my face! Everything around me seems brighter, energetic and more alive!

In a way, life coaching is like contact lenses. The life coaching process helps you see life more clearly instead of walking around feeling emotionally and mentally “blurry”. In the beginning, there is a learning curve and some effort as you learn how to use new tools, but the perspective and insight you gain help you handle your life and the people in it with more clarity. Many of us go about our life making do with things feeling “fine” or “ok”. The process of coaching strips away what is no longer working so you’re able to set new goals and move forward with newfound insight. As a life coach, I help hold you accountable to the growth process and achieve things you may not have previously been able to.

Most clients who come to me have struggles they are working through however, you don’t need to have major struggles in your life to benefit from coaching. If you learn the tools prior to negative events (for some, that would include the upcoming holidays) you will have time and space to care for yourself in a more positive way.