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Jill Johnson is a Certified Martha Beck Way Finder Life Coach and Yoga Alliance Certified 500 RYT yoga instructor. Jill blends yogic philosophy with Enneagram personality test results to help clients find their authentic voice and path to move forward.

Jill’s Insightful Action Program is a blend of Enneagram based coaching and mentoring that delivers insight, perspective and thought management designed specifically for you. If you are ready to connect to your True Self then Jill is the coach for you!

Services Offered:

  • Enneagram Personality Test Facilitation

Jill administers the Enneagram test in a way to give you a personalized coaching experience and provide you with invaluable resources. The Enneagram is a nine point system of how the ego shows up in the world and a tool to help you get to know yourself and those around you better.

  • Insightful Action Coaching

Jill believes that your daily habits either make or break your ability to achieve your goals and have an organized life. She looks at your schedule and co-creates with you a plan design a life that works for, not against, you. Every person is unique and needs their own blueprint for how to take action and move forward. Insightful Action takes who you are and moves from there instead of trying to put you into a “one size fits all” box that you can’t sustain.

  • Vision Board Workshops

Host your own personal Vision Board workshop taught from a unique and simple yogic perspective on life. Jill will provide all materials needed including a playlist! Please contact for more information.

  • Home and Space Organization Services

Jill is a natural organizer and would love to help you declutter and find your way out of chaos! She has a proven system that can create space and order so you can get on with your life. Please note that this is not a cleaning or design service although all unwanted items can be removed and taken to a Goodwill Donation Center. Please contact for a consultation.

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Believe in You.

Trust Yourself.


Move Forward.